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Social Media

Easy Marketing offers a complete package of services to establish and manage a brand’s social media properties.

These services include social media strategy development, creative frameworks for social media properties, community management, content creation, social application design and development, monitoring and analytics.

-we provide personal as well as corporate analysis, pay per view, no contract term
-flexible publicity strategy
-we have different social media tools to use according to specific products
-we provides seasonal report and stage summary as required



Events Promotion

- Planning and co-ordination of public relations activities
-Provides full arrangement of all activities, design specific programs to promote the brand
-Launch customized publicity
-Sponsored exposure outreach program
-Media publicity material collection


Communications & Channel Planning

    Total communications planning, strategic planning, creative development, Asian markets targeting


    Digital and design services

  • Our experience includes web design and development, applications, digital ads, electronic sales tools, email and CRM.
    -according to your budgets and needs, we provide both dynamic and static website design
    -after the website is established, we can provide all kinds of after-sale technical support if you need. 
    -various kinds of graphic design
    -we also have a team that is able to do marketing videos on your website. We have our own script writers and directors that guarantee to shoot what you want for your company or product.
    -newsletters subscription weekly of biweekly
    --EDM design, EDM page production
    -social media and bbs marketing, easy to get your potential customers
    -through media forums and different social media tools, we implant products and activities information.